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An air mattress pump is one of the most common sought-after accessories to air mattresses. There are many air mattresses that come equipped with an air mattress pump, but if your air mattress did not include an air mattress pump, you can still purchase one after the fact. There are several different pricing and accessory options when it comes to finding the ideal air mattress pump.

Air Mattress Pump

Some air mattress pumps are electric and some are battery powered. Many of the air mattress pumps have been made to be compatible with specific brands of air mattresses and there are others that work just as well with any air mattress brand. Be sure to shop around and look for the best deals before purchasing an air mattress pump. Try to look for discounts and special pricing at various online merchants that often offer excellent prices.

Three of the more popular brands that offer air mattress pumps are Coleman, Texsport, and Intex. The pumps offered by these companies are perfect for air mattresses, but they can also be used for many other types of inflatable objects such as intertubes or rafts. Be sure you research each brand carefully so you know exactly what your air mattress pump can and cannot inflate.

If you have already purchased an air mattress or just need a pump for some of your other small inflatables, make sure you take a look at a few of our air mattress pump reviews to help you choose the perfect air mattress pump for you.

Coleman 120 Volt Electric Quick Air Mattress Pump

This air mattress pump is great for blowing up low pressure items including air mattresses, beach balls, inflatable toys, or even small pools. This Coleman air pump works great and is very fast. Not only will this air mattress pump inflate items efficiently, but it is also very effective at deflating these same items in no time flat. Keep in mind that if you need a pump to inflate things like bike tires, car tires, or basketballs, you should look for a different kind of pump.

This air mattress pump does not have the power or adapter to inflate items of that size. But for air mattresses and other small items, this air mattress pump does the job. One final thing worth mentioning is that this air mattress pump runs on 120 VAC current, so if it is portability that you need, look for an air pump that is battery operated.

Coleman Rechargeable Quick Air Mattress Pump

Designed to inflate or deflate rafts, air mattresses, air beds and other inflatable items, this air mattress pump by Coleman makes this chore quick and easy. The great thing about this air mattress pump is that it not only works with the various Coleman double lock valves, pinch valves, and quick valves, but it is also compatible with all of the different Coleman air mattresses and inflatable products. It also will work on most other inflatable items that are not specifically made by Coleman.

The Coleman air mattress pump is designed to inflate from the one end and deflate from the other end. If your inflatable has a valve that is not a pinch valve, there is an adapter nozzle. If it has a pinch valve, then you can use the separate adapter. The pump is battery operated and includes a rechargeable transformer that can be plugged-in. This pump also works extremely well with the Coleman Comfort Control Air Mattress, so if you already own a Coleman air mattress, this could be your best bet.

Texsport Rechargeable Electric Air Mattress Pump

Texsport's rechargeable air mattress pump is an electric, low pressure, high volume pump that is designed to inflate or deflate all kinds of inflatable items including boats, air mattresses and more. It can be recharged with the battery charger that is powered with a 120 volt AC outlet from home or you can use a 12 volt cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

This air mattress pump includes a total of 3 adapters and can be used on several different types of inflatable air mattresses. It is prefect to take camping or on any trip that you will be taking inflatable items.

Intex 110-120 A/C Quickfill Electric Air Mattress Pump

The Intex quick-fill air mattress pump uses an accordion hose and 3 different nozzles. It is very simple to use and will accommodate a variety of different valves. This air mattress pump can inflate items such as intertubes or air mattresses in only minutes which is faster than many of the other air pumps out there.

This Intex air mattress pump has several different connectors so it can plug in directly to a boston valve or even smaller type plugs. It is an electric pump, so you will need to use it from an A/C outlet, but the pump is very quiet and does an excellent job inflating and deflating your inflatable items.